IJsseltoren Spoolderwerk Zwolle

The buildingcomplex is centered around and placed above an Urban Plaza. This elevated central space is seated on a two story parking garage and accommodates for the main entrance and general public services. Total development 49.600 m2 gross floor area. Maximum height office tower 96m. Development by Spoolderwerk

Bruggebouwen Amsterdam

The Bridge Buildings bridge the highway A10 and connect separated city areas. The dynamically shaped steel trusses painted blue and placed outside the superstructure are clearly visible from the highway. In the corridor formed space between the buildings the red colored trusses are placed inside the substructure and contributes to the spatial continuation of the connecting city road ” Bos en Lommerweg”. Both designed trusses express the dualty of the scale of the highway and the city road. Total development 21.000 m2 gross floor area. Height Bridgebuildings 28m. High Rise 50m Development by Multi Development.

Electrabel Zwolle

De Grote Prins Rotterdam

In a landscape setting around a courtyard 185 apartments are designed in 3 striking brickbuildings. Protected access galeries are framed in urban window shaped aluminum and glass structures.