Brief History

Prior to my profession in Architecture I was educated and qualified to design and execute specialised deconstruction techniques:

Blasting Demolition Engineering.

The Aesthetic argument in this profession is more or less connected with the balance between safety and efficiency and the intention to revitalize the environment.

With my company BCS-worldwide Ltd. I executed in Flushing Zeeland in 1984 the explosive soil compaction for the quay foundations of the future Kaloothaven of Borsele. In alliance with a Dutch dredging company HBG/HAM the demolition of harbour jetty and quai foundations and concrete remnants were realized in France (Calais 1985-96 / Dieppe 1987 / Marseille 2001).

The toppling of the Piper-A jacket platform in the North Sea (1988/89) was executed with the Dutch salvage Company Smit-International.

The science of this demolition technology is based on strict rules for safe use of explosives in urban environments. My education at the Technical University Delft department Building Technology and Architecture gave me additional insight in this science.


In 1995 I finally mastered the Science of Architecture at the Technical University Delft. My first assignment was a minor extension of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. A partnership with a The Hague based architect – ArchipelOntwerpers – followed and resulted in the transformation of the Children Library in The Hague into Theatre studios and apartments. A project of De Wilgen Vastgoed.

Zwolle Spoolderwerk

The new Millennium opened opportunities to work in alliance with a Chicago based design office for high-rise building projects in The Netherlands. In the folowing ten years six substantial building projects were realized with a total volume of 255.000 m2 BVO.

The financial crisis in the year 2008 changed perspectives. More Art related projects came into the picture. In Venlo I presented a proposal for the Tajiri Museum. A redevelopement of the old Post Office and City Archive into a Cultural Centre. Feasible projects abroad in the Caribean and Vietnam were located and studied.

In 2015 an alliance with T-Design (Multi-Development concept designer and urban specialist) resulted in multiple concept studies for urban developments in The Netherlands, Germany and the Caribean region.